3 year ban for firm’s former Transport Manager

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3 year ban for firm’s former Transport Manager

At a recent Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiry, a Transport Manager received a 3 year ban after it was discovered that he oversaw vehicle maintenance by text message.

During the hearing, the company’s former transport manager explained that he ran a transport and consultancy business, acting as TM on new licences while operators get their own CPC qualification. He was listed as a TM for three operators in total.

DVSA traffic examiner investigations were referred to the Traffic Commissioner. At the inquiry, the issues included:

  • loaned vehicle discs
  • running more vehicles than authorised
  • two drivers convicted for drivers hours’ offences, with driver interviews pointing to a lack of any real management of infringements by the TM
  • the use of an unauthorised operating centre
  • no facilities to conduct meaningful underside inspections of vehicles
  • average to poor maintenance documentation

The Traffic Commissioner said the Transport Manager hadn’t made any realistic attempt, during 2018 at least, to debrief drivers on infringements. He’d “allowed a careless culture of non-compliance to fester”.

He also said the Transport Manager took no action to correct wholly unacceptable maintenance arrangements.

Although the Transport Manager felt there was a lack of cooperation from the licence holder, the Commissioner pointed out that he didn’t take any action to address this.

The Transport Manager was a transport manager in name only and therefore lost his good repute. He’s disqualified from acting in this role for three years and will have to sit and pass the TM CPC examination again once this disqualification ends.

Invergold Associates Ltd. have reliable and robust systems in place that would prevent this kind of outrageous behavior from going undetected.  Our systems are based on Industry Recognised best-practices that make compliance part of the day-to-day responsibilities for everyone concerned.

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