Annual Testing – How do you measure up?

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Annual Testing – How do you measure up?




Figures recently released by DVSA, show that the overall numbers for Annual Test Failures, for HGV’s, Trailers and PSV’s has reduced, but with the exception of bulb failure and headlamp aim, the main reason for failure is still with Braking Systems.  Both Service Brake and Parking Brake performance remain in the top 5 reasons for failure for both HGV’s and Trailers.  For PSVs, brake system components joined body (interior), doors and emergency exits, seat belts and suspension in the top five.

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Invergold Associates Ltd. offer a comprehensive service to ensure that these items are inspected and addressed on a regular basis, thereby helping to reduce operating costs and maximise vehicle availability.  If you have experienced issues with annual test failures, that could affect your OCRS score, please contact us for a free initial consultation.