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Check Your PMI Schedules

The DVSA have recently been clamping-down on vehicle defects, and posting some shocking videos on their Twitter Channel.

It is clear that some operators are losing control over their regular PMI’s – but this can’t be allowed to happen!

The Earned Recognition Scheme identifies ‘Exemplary Operators’ freeing-up DVSA agents to concentrate on those who are less compliant.

Invergold have produced 2 versions of our popular PMI Planner – a printed one for manual entry, and an electronic version (for Microsoft Excel) that automatically calculates all the important dates for Inspections, Tax and Insurance renewals, and more.

Don’t get caught with a defective vehicle and risk someone’s life!  Contact us for more info.

A representative from the DVSA West Midlands Enforcement Team will be discussing this and more at our Transport Conference on 22nd October – click HERE for details.

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