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Clean Air Zones – Are You Ready?

The proposed ‘Clean Air Zones’ for some of the UK’s larger cities has got a lot of HGV and PSV Operators talking recently, and even though these vehicles have become much less-polluting in recent years, there is a massive concern that companies operating inside these areas could face up to £100 per day charges if their vehicles don’t comply.

Coupled with the Government’s plan to end all ‘fossil fueled’ vehicles in the near future, and HGV Manufacturers switching their attention away from developing cleaner Diesel Engines in favour of Electric Propulsion Systems, there is a clear potential for things to go wrong for many individuals and businesses.

It is reasonable to suppose that any increased costs of transport in the supply chain will be passed on to the consumer, so will this cause demand to drop as prices rise?

Will smaller companies chose not to re-invest in their fleet and not venture into the zones?

How will the areas outside the zones be affected by increased traffic from more-polluting vehicles as they try to avoid driving into zones?

Manchester Proposed Clean Air Zone

Fortunately, we have two guest speakers at the North West Transport Conference who will be able to shed some light on the Manchester proposals, and answer some of your questions.

See our ‘North West Transport Conference’ page for more details HERE


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