Complete Daily Walk Around Vehicle Inspections

We offer and recommend a walk round app, which enables drivers to complete a daily vehicle inspection, with provision for defect and rectification reporting. The App captures all information, required by DVSA, and provides specific and configurable check lists for all vehicle types and trailers.

The app is easy to use, enabling Operators to receive instant feedback and provide a complete time-stamped audit trail. Transport Managers are able to minimise vehicle downtime with instant defect notifications, fast remedial action and efficient service control.

The walk around check data is also available via email and a web-based reporting system, giving accurate vehicle defect management. Once a check form has been logged, it is automatically sent to the transport office to notify management of any problems. Forms are able to be readily recalled for inspections and workshop maintenance. Managers can configure checklists along with the order of completion and expected time frame. Time stamped reports are immediately available and also stored electronically.


  • Time stamped for accuracy
  • Accurate, reliable and secure
  • Configurable check lists for all vehicles and trailers
  • Easy recall for spot checks and range of reports
  • Facility for camera to take pictures and send to office


  • Minimise vehicle downtime
  • Reduce paper based admin
  • Real-time vehicle visibility
  • Driver debrief and performance reviews
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