Invergold could have helped this company.

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Invergold could have helped this company.



News item from the Office of the Traffic Commissioner…

“A business saw its licence application refused at a recent public inquiry when it failed to show any respect for the application process or the law.

The firm persistently ignored warnings not to operate illegally but was stopped by DVSA on a number of occasions doing exactly that – even after being explicitly advised of the rules.

It took over two months for the operator to submit an application for a licence. Which meant they’d continued to operate illegally during that time and left other compliant operators following the correct procedures, like you, at a disadvantage.

On the day of the inquiry, the business failed to produce any of the requested evidence to support its application and claimed it wasn’t aware it was doing anything wrong.”

See the full article here…

Invergold could have helped this company by introducing the systems and processes that underpin a successful Licence Application, and ensure that they continue to adopt the practices that will keep them fully compliant in the future.

An Invergold consultant said; “All too often we hear about Licences that are refused or revoked, where ignorance is an underlying factor.  It is easy for businesses to become bogged-down with day-to-day tasks, but this is a matter that cannot be overlooked.  Our systems ensure that a robust methodology of safety and compliance is enforced, and we would have been more than happy to assist this company with their Licence application if we have been consulted.”