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Invergold Surprise Visit!




Invergold Associates Ltd. paid a surprise visit to two of our clients yesterday.

After giving re-assurances at recent Traffic Commissioner’s Public Inquiries, that they would strictly enforce daily vehicle checks, Invergold worked with them to put the proper systems in place and to support them all the way.

Turning-up at the client’s sites at 7:00 in the morning, we were able to observe the drivers as they carried out their daily walk-around checks.  We talked to the drivers to make sure that they understood the importance of completing the checks, and asked them a few ‘show and tell’ questions to demonstrate that they were completely familiar with their vehicles.

It was reassuring to note that both companies had allowed extra time for the drivers to check their vehicles, and that there were no possible incentives for short-cuts to be taken.

We were expecting a frosty reception at first, but overall, four out of four drivers were pleased to see us there to deliver the support we had promised them, and made us feel very welcome.