ISO 39001 is the template for best practice road traffic safety management

Preventing death and serious injury in road traffic accidents:

  • Death and serious injury in road traffic incidents is a preventable problem imposing an unacceptably high burden on communities throughout the word.
  • Organisations can play a key role in improving road safety outcomes in low, middle and high-income countries

Addressing a primary occupational safety risk:

  • Road traffic incidents are a leading cause of work-related death and serious injury.
  • Continual improvement is needed to reduce and ultimately prevent road traffic deaths and serious injuries.
  • ISO 39001 assists organisations in addressing road traffic injury risk, both on the network and in the workplace.

Successful road injury prevent on requires management:

  • Effective road safety management requires a systematic, results-focused approach.
  • Organisations of all sizes can contribute to addressing global, regional and national goals, targets and objectives for road safety.
  • ISO 39001 aligns with the best practice Safe System approach to road safety and the latest ISO management system standard framework. Its best practice road safety focused content is not found in management system standards on occupational health and safety.

Adopting ISO 39001 will bring benefits, which include:

  • Preventing avoidable death and serious injury in the road traffic system, including the workplace and while commuting.
  • Contributing to better planning, design, operation and use of the road traffic system.
  • Cutting organisational road crash and incident costs, reducing the number of work days lost to injury
    and reducing insurance premiums and repair costs.
  • Demonstrating social responsibility, improving organisation profile and increasing business.