Lorry drivers' deception led to close of Shropshire business

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Lorry drivers’ deception led to close of Shropshire business

The director of a Shropshire lorry firm and one of his former employees have been given suspended jail sentences after admitting driving over their legal hours on several occasions.

The owner had already been forced to close his haulage firm of 28 years after he had an operator’s licence revoked at a public inquiry in June, Shrewsbury Crown Court heard.

The owner and another person, both drove over their legal limits of four-and-a-half hours several times each and tried to cover it up by removing their ID cards from a digital tachograph and continuing to drive.

They were found out when an inspector from the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency looked into their records in November last year, and found that both had driven over their hours.

On one occasion, the employee had driven more than two hours over his limit.

Both men pleaded guilty to driving over their legal hours and making false records at Telford Magistrates Court in May.

The owner had his operator’s licence revoked in June at a traffic commissioner public inquiry, effectively forcing him to close the company and put his 10 drivers out of work, the crown court heard.

On Friday the pair were given jail sentences of six months, suspended for 12 months each, for giving false records.

The employee was also fined £250 for the offence of driving more than two hours over his limit.

The legal limit for drivers of heavy goods vehicles without a break is four-and-a-half hours, after which they are required to take a break of 45 minutes before driving again.

This sort of offence is clearly unacceptable and a matter taken most seriously by the authorities.

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