Public Inquiries

This is a type of court hearing held by a Traffic Commissioner. You can be called to a Public Inquiry if you hold a goods vehicle or PSV operator’s licence, or are making an application to be granted a licence or vary the conditions of a licence. At the Inquiry, the Traffic Commissioner will wish to explore any concerns they have about you, or the way your Operators licence is being managed. Additionally they may explore the performance of the Transport Manager and any driver that has breached the drivers regulations and entitlement to drive either LGVs or PSVs.

Invergold are transport consultants who are conversant with the guidelines , rules and regulations that govern transport operations. The benefits are that working with a transport consultants are we offer a “one stop shop” to identify the short comings and assist you to put the right systems in place prior to the hearing. It is recognised by Traffic Commissioners that the sooner operators enlist the right professional support and are confronting their issues demonstrates to them that “actions speak louder than words”. The sooner you act after you have been visited by the DVSA or other enforcement agency goes a long way in suggesting you are serious about compliance. Services include:

  • Providing an Operators licence awareness Course (“OLAT”)
  • Ensuring a transport Manager has attended a refresher course in the last 5 years
  • Check driver and vehicle software has been analysed properly
  • Review your policies and supply any that are absent or dated
  • Conduct a compliance audit

Public Inquiry Court

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